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HyperNext Talker is very easy to use with no complex windows or menus.

It has in-built help available from the Help menu so there is no long manual to read.

Below is shown how to reach a Scenario window after starting up.

Login Window

The Login window is the first window to show when HyperNext Talker starts up and it both protects your texts etc from tampering and keeps them confidential.

After you login it takes you to the Start window as detailed further below.




Login Window

Start Window

The Start window allows you to go to a particular Scenario window or to the two settings windows where you can change settings such a voice, volume and rate.

There are also setting for fonts so that the default language can be changed to other than English.

The Privacy window is where you can change your password or reset HyperNext Talker.


HT Start

Start Window

Scenario Window

A scenario window is where you organise your texts for a specific converation. Depending upon the length or complexity of the conversation then more than one scenario might be needed.

The scenario window below show a typical conversation over the phone with a vet. The main texts are in the yellow fields and they can be spoken by pressing the button attached to their right side.

Note, the ten quick buttons below the largest yellow text field. Although they only show a short caption they are capable of speaking a long block of text. So for instance, the button captioned 'Phone Number' actually says 'My Phone number is 6 1 8 3 8 9'

When HyperNext Talker quits its default action is to save all texts and settings although this automatic saving can be bypassed.


HT Scenario

Scenario Window

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