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Last update 18th March 2016

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HyperNext Talker

Q1. What is HyperNext Talker?

A1. HyperNext Talker (HT) is an easy to use text-to-speech progam that is built around the idea of scenarios that can be tailored to suit specific conversations.

Q2. How is HT different to other text-to-speech programs?

A2. HT is aimed at helping users have real-time conversations. In contrast other text-to-speech programs are generally limited to helping the user speak simple phrases but are not easy to use in a conversational manner.

Q3. What does HyperNext Talker come with?

A3. Although HT allows you to create scenarios it does not come with any voices. It is assumed your computer will have at least one voice installed as most modern computer come with at least one high quality voice.

Q4. Which operating system will HT run on?

A4. HT currently runs on both the Microsoft Windows platforms of XP to 10 and on Macintosh OS X Intel and PPC.

Note, HT should run on non-English systems as the user can change both its font and voice.


Q1. What is a scenario?

A1. A scenario is a window with a related set of texts on it that speak when relevant buttons are pressed. For instance, if you are phoning the vet you could arrange a scenario for both the likely questions you would have to ask and the responses you would have to make.

HT has ten scenarious built in but it is very easy to create, save, and then reload another set when needed.

Serial Numbers.

Q1. Does HyperNext Talker require a serial number?

A1. Although the trial mode never expires, registering gives you a serial number that removes the reminder timer and allows users to export/import scenarios as well as improving user security.

Q2. My serial number does not work so what should I do?

A2. To enable the full version of HyperNext Talker you will need to carefully enter your registration details into the registration screen. Please note that upper/lower case is important. Also, the last four characters of the user-code are alphabetic and not numeric.

If you still have problems then please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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