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HyperNext Talker - March 17th 2016 - v1.0

Here you can download the full version of HyperNext Talker that gives almost full functionality in trial mode. Its trial limits can be removed by buying a license key.

Note, this never expires, even when unregistered.

Important: if you already have a previous version of Hypernext Talker installed then before installing this one make sure to backup your scenarios as detailed in the Help section on Backups.

Installing on Microsoft Windows: The download file is actually an installer. Simply run it and it will place HyperNext Talker in your Programs folder, and Readme text plus saved state in your Documents folder.

Installing on Macintosh OS X: The download file is a zipped (compressed) folder containing HyperNext Talker. Just double-click to extract it and place the folder either on your desktop, Applications folder etc. When HyperNext Talker is first run it will place the Readme text plus saved state in your Documents folder.

HyperNext Talker for Windows (v1.0) 5.9M

HyperNext Talker for OS X (v1.0) 4.9M

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