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Buy HyperNext Talker

The unregistered version of HyperNext Talker allows you to:

  • Try nearly all the features.
  • Edit texts, buttons, password.
  • Change voices, their volume and rate.
  • Customise colors.
  • Save everything.

The registered version of HyperNext Talker:

  • Removes the 10 minute reminder popup.
  • Allows encrypted Export/Import.
  • Adds more privacy.


After purchasing you will receive an email containing your serial number and registration details. Please note, sales are processed manually so it might take a few hours during the day and longer overnight.

If you have any sales queries please email them to sales@tigabyte.com


Please try the FREE demo and be sure you are happy with it.

HyperNext Talker: ( Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


HyperNext Talker: ( OS X Intel & PPC)


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