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HyperNext Talker is a Text-to-Speech program specifically designed for people who have difficulty speaking. It has some predefined phrases covering everyday situations and can be easily customised so allowing new texts to be added.

HyperNext Talker can work with many of todays natural sounding artificial voices. It works on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X desktop laptop computers. Now you can talk more easily with others despite any speech impairments.

Difficulty in speaking - then HyperNext Talker could help you speak in real-time situations so giving you more control of your life.


Scenarios are customisable windows, each set up for a particular situation.

The video opposite is for a Vet scenario where the user books an appointment with their vet over the phone.

The texts are setup in advance with likely questions and answers so helping you sound more fluent and feel comfortable on the phone.

Both the buttons, their content and text fields are customisable.


Scenario Window

HyperNext Talker has ten scenario windows that can help you organise your conversations in advance. Above is a screenshot of the Vet scenario window showing the predefined texts created by a user. Note, that each Scenario has three areas for the most common speech tasks.

Area 1 at the top of the window has navigation buttons allowing the user to quickly switch to a different scenarios. The user can name each of these buttons so making it easier to find the right scenario in real-time.

Area 2 is just below and allows the user to build up sentances with characters and numbers. It also has ten user-defined quick-buttons for common phrases such as 'Hello','Yes', My name is..' etc that speak a much longer sentence so helping you to sound more natural.

Area 3 is the large middle area where you can place detailed texts that can be spoken simply by pressing their adjacent button. These are useful for explaining things to someone.

At the bottom of the window are color controls so that each scenario window can have its own color scheme so helping you keep track of where your texts are.

HyperNext Talker also has Export/Import functions allowing you to import previously customised setups so you can build up a repetiore of special situations.These scenarios can be saved and shared with anyone else who uses HyperNext Talker.

When HyperNext Talker quits all user texts are saved for the next time.

Note, HyperNext Talker has a login option so your speech texts can be kept private. Also its saved or exported scenarios are encrypted so only you or the person you share them with can read or use them.

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HyperNext Talker v1.0 released!